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This web edition of A2Z Gradebook is a teacher's grading program which stores grades and creates printable reports.  A2Z Gradebook provides support for both traditional points based grading and performance based grading, which allows educators to enter a student's performance level for a specific learning goal. This is sometimes called standards or curriculum based grading. You can even have both types of assessment in a single subject.

This web based gradebook can be used by individual teachers, but its real power is in school wide use. Set it up for all of the faculty in your school and you can create integrated report cards for your students.

This web based version of A2Z Gradebook has two different editions - a free, ad supported edition and a paid subscription edition . You can compare the two editions and view pricing here. It is also possible to host this web application on your own domain. Contact A2ZWare sales for more information.

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When logged in, you will use the menu above to navigate the application. Since you are not currently logged in, you can use the menu items above to learn more about the capabilities of A2Z Gradebook, including all of the features listed below.

Key Features

Traditional points based grading

  • Assign grades according to a scale: Scales are very flexible. Use a traditional letter scale (A, B+) or your own custom scale
  • Drop scores:  Automatically drop the lowest score(s) for each student in a class
  • Enter numeric or non-numeric scores: Enter a letter instead of a number
  • Mark scores with custom comments: Use a standard comment (late, absent, missing, etc.) or enter a custom comment
  • Weighted grades: Use point based averaging, weigh by assignment, or weigh by category
  • Override: You always have the ability to override a calculated grade.

Performance based grading

  • Curriculum: Group your learning goals by category or standard and assign performance levels for specific goals, categories, and overall subject
  • Performance Levels: Define your own performance levels, such as secure, approaching, progressing, and beginning. You can use different sets of levels for different subjects.
  • Assessments and performance indication calculations: Enter student performance and calculate a performance indication for a goal, category, and overall subject performance
  • Multiple calculations methods: Calculate performance indications for learning goals using power law, mode, or averages.
  • Final performance assessment rests with faculty: You are the professional.  You can always override the calculated performance indicator if you feel it does not reflect actual student performance.

Other features

  • Supports multiple classes, faculty, and students: There is no limit to the number of classes (subjects), faculty, and students.
  • Supports multiple faculty for subjects: Perfect for subject which are taught by teams or for teachers who prefer to have an aide do data entry.
  • Administrators can view all student data: Give principals, learning consultants, and others you select read only access to all student grades and notes.
  • PDF reports: Create reports in PDF format. This makes them suitable for printing or emailing.
  • Custom reports: Get custom report templates for your data for a small fee
  • Retain student information from year to year: Carry over information about students from year to year to save data entry time.
  • Record student notes: Enter optional notes for each student. These can be viewed by parents or for faculty only
  • User accounts: In addition to faculty accounts, you can set up accounts for parents and even students so they can view their grades online.