A2Z Puzzler

We are happy to announce the beta of A2Z Puzzler Web Edition. A2Z Puzzler combines the features of two older A2ZWare programs – A2Z Word Puzzler and A2Z Flash ‘n Bingo. Best of all, a basic account for A2Z Puzzler is free.

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Both the +Plus and the free accounts give you lots of options and features:
  • create crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, bingo cards, flash cards, cryptograms, word scrambles, letter box puzzles, word-definition match puzzles, tile box puzzles, falling letter
  • puzzles, vocabulary quizzes, and vocabulary lists
  • uses random functions to create the puzzles and quizzes, so it creates a different puzzle every time
  • creates keys for the puzzles and quizzes
  • enter your own words or use the list of over 500 words included with the program
  • save puzzles and keys for later use
  • print pictures in backgrounds of of puzzles
  • create flash cards and bingo cards with words, math functions, or pictures
  • choose fonts, page sizes, and more
  • enter your own words and pictures or play using the list of over 500 words included with the game
  • Accepts many image formats.
  • Stores the images themselves rather than just the path. This allows you to use images from multiple CDs.
  • Word lists and picture lists are combined. Enter words (captions), definitions (optional), categories (optional), and pictures (optional) into your word lists. Then you just select if you want words, definitions, or pictures on your flash cards or bingo cards.
  • Optional keywords in your word lists allow you to just use a subset of the words from your list.

A +Plus account gives you these additional features:

  • Remove A2ZWare copyright notices and other text from printed output.
  • +Plus members can use their printed output for commercial and business uses. All others are limited to personal use only.
  • Remove copy and edit protection from PDF files.