Scout Troop Website

Troop 123 (not their real number) uses it’s website to communicate upcoming events and other information to members. So this website’s main feature is an event calendar. Under the main event calendar is a panel which highlights some “big events”. The home page also includes a news section for members to share additional information with each other.

One of the most practical parts of this website is its email newsletter integration. The site uses a custom feed to drive an automatic MailChimp campaign. Every week, all troop members receive an email with a list of upcoming events and recent news items. This is completely automated, so that anything which is posted to the site is automatically sent out every week. MailChimp has a free subscription level which works well for small organizations like this.

While this website is for a Scout unit, this same approach can be used to develop a website for your sports team, club, church, or other organization. Contact the A2ZWare web design team to find out how you can use WordPress to develop a useful website customized for your organization’s specific needs.

This troop’s website is private, but you can view the images to see some of the features.