Holiday Picture Bingo Cards

Holiday Picture BingoThis is set of Holiday Bingo cards created using A2Z Puzzler The set includes 10 picture bingo cards with holiday and winter themed images. There is also a set of call cards. Holiday picture bingo would make a fun activity for your school holiday party or your Christmas party with young children.

Holiday Picture Bingo Cards 

Holiday Picture Bingo Call Cards

This set of bingo cards was created with the Christmas Word and Picture List for A2Z Puzzler .  Use this list to to create more holiday bingo cards or different games and puzzles with A2Z Puzzler .

Holiday Picture Bingo Instructions

  1. Cut the call cards apart
  2. Give each player one of the holiday picture bingo cards.
  3. Give each player a way to mark the spaces on the cards. Small pieces of wrapped candy make wonderful markers, especially if you are using these for a classroom party.
  4. Place the call cards in a small container.
  5. Pick one of the call cards at random.
  6. Read the clue call card.  For younger children, you might also tell them what the picture looks like.
  7. If the player has the corresponding  holiday picture on his card, he covers the space on the card with his marker.
  8. Continue drawing clues and marking cards in this manner.
  9. When a player has covered a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row, he shouts “Bingo!”
  10. Check the pictures  in the covered row against the clues you called so far to make sure the player did not incorrectly cover any of the pictures. If the player really has a row covered, he wins that round.


2 Responses to “Holiday Picture Bingo Cards”

  1. rosie November 11, 2012 12:24 pm #

    This looks great and like a lot of fun. How do we get more than 10 bingo cards? I have a pack of 35 cub scouts that I would like to do this for and would like more that 10 unique cards.
    If there is no way to add more cards, I can make copies of these and may be 3 winners each time.


    • A2ZWare November 11, 2012 1:23 pm #

      Create a free account for A2Z Puzzler and login.
      Go to the holiday word list (link above) and choose Create Bingo Cards from the drop down list
      Select the Go button.
      Select a number in the How Many Cards list. (Maximum is 30).
      Select Create Puzzle.

      If you use the 10 in the original set and create another set of 25, you should have enough.

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