Bonus Word List – Animal Kingdom

Do you know these animals? This list contains the names of 143 animals as the words and descriptions of the animals as the definitions.  Make a animal themed crossword puzzle, play animal bingo, or make flash cards with it.

Animal Kingdom Word List

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Animal Kingdom Word Search Puzzle
Animal Kingdom Crossword Puzzle

Additional PDF printables and puzzle keys are available on the Animal Kingdom Word List page.

Words In Animal Kingdom Vocabulary List:

aardvark: an African mammal that eats ants
albatross: large sea bird that lives in the Southern Hemisphere
alligator: a large reptile with a broad snout that lives in rivers and swamps the Southeastern US and parts of China
crocodile: a large reptile with a narrow snout that lives in rivers and swamps all over the world
amphibian: animals that live both in water and on land
anaconda: a large snake that lives in South America
ant: a small insect with three body segments that lives in a colony with a single queen and many workers
termite: a small insect with two body segments that lives in a colony with a single queen and many workers
anteater: a mammal from South or Central America that eats bugs
antelope: a grazing animal that lives on the plains in Africa and Asia
tern: a bird that migrates from the Arctic coastline to the Antarctic Ocean every year
armadillo: an armor plated mammal
baboon: a large monkey that lives in a troop
badger: a burrowing animal that lives in the woods
bat: a nocturnal animal with big ears and wings
bear: a large meat eating mammal
beaver: a river animal with large front teeth
bee: a stinging insect that lives in a hive ruled by a queen
wasp: a stinging insect
beetle: a winged insect with a shell
bison: a large animal found on the plains of North America
musk ox: a large animal found in the Arctic €buffaloa large mammal with huge horns
butterfly: a flying insect with colorful wings which flies by day
moth: a flying insect with dull colors which flies by night
camel: a desert animal with humps of fat on its back
cat: an animal with sharp teeth, claws, and good eyesight in the dark
centipede: a segmented insect with one pair of legs per segment
chameleon: a lizard that can change its skin color
cheetah: a spotted cat which can run very fast
chicken: a domesticated bird kept raised for its eggs and meat
turkey: a domesticated bird raised for its meat
chimpanzee: a primate that lives in the forests of Africa
cobra: a poisonous snake found in Africa, India, and Asia
cow: a female farm animal raised for meat and milk
bull: a farm animal raised for meat
crab: a water animal with tem legs and a hard shell
cricket: a hopping insect that sings with its wings
grasshopper: a hopping insect that sings with its legs
deer: a hoofed animal
dog: a domesticated animal descended from the wolf
dolphin: a sea mammal which breathes through a blowhol
donkey: a domesticated animal used to carry people and goods
dragonfly: a flying insect found near ponds and streams
duck: a water bird with webbed feet
goose: a large water bird with webbed feet and long necks
eagle: a bird with strong wings and good eyesight
eel: a fish that is shaped like a snake
elephant: a large animal with a long trunk
flamingo: a bird that lives in colonies in Africa, South America, and Asia
heron: a long legged bird that lives on the edges of lakes and rivers
stork: a wading bird which lives in Africa during the winter and breeds in Europe in the summer
fly: an insect with one pair of wings for flying and tiny back wings for balance
fox: a small wild dog with a bushy tail
frog: a jumping amphibian with moist skin
toad: an amphibian with dry skin and strong legs
giraffe: tall animal with a long neck found in Africa
goat: an animal which is good at climbing and kept as farm animals for milk and meat
goldfish: small brightly colored fish
gorilla: a huge powerful ape
hamster: a rodent with pouches in its cheeks that is often kept as a pet
gerbil: a small rodent often kept as a pet
gull: a sea bird with webbed feet
hedgehog: a mammal with thick spines on its back
hippopotamus: a huge animal that lives near rivers in Africa
horse: a strong fast animal bred for riding and work
hummingbird: a small bird which can beat its wings very fast
hyena: a scavenging animal that lives in Africa and Asia
jellyfish: a sea creature with a soft body
kangaroo: an Australian mammal with a pouch on its belly where its babies grow
kiwi: a small bird with a long beak that lives in New Zealand
koala: an animal which lives in the eucalyptus forests of Australia
opossum: a marsupial found in North and South America
iguana: a large lizard that lives in North and South America
Komodo dragon: a large lizard that lives in Indonesia
lemur: a monkey-like animal that lives in Madagascar
leopard: a large spotted cat
lion: a large cat that lives in groups called prides
lizard: a reptile with scales and a long tail
llama: a member of the camel family found in the Andes
lobster: a water creature with large claws and a hard shell
crayfish: a small freshwater creature with claws and a hard shell
mammal: a warm-blooded vertebrate which feeds its young milk
meerkat: a small meat-eating animal found on the plains of Africa
mole: a small mammel that lives underground
monkey: an intelligent mammel that can solve problems and hold things in its hands
mouse: a small rodent with a long tail and sharp teeth
newt: an amphibian that lives in the woods of Europe, Asia, and North America
octopus: a sea creature with eight legs €squida sea creature with ten legs
orangutan: a large ape that lives in Asia
ostrich: a large bird which can run very fast but cannot fly
otter: a river mammal found all over the world
owl: a bird of prey which hunts at night
panda: a bear found in the bamboo forests of China
parrot: a tropical bird with a hooked beak
peacock: a bird with beautiful tail feathers
pelican: a bird with a pouch in its beak
penguin: a seabird which cannot fly
pig: a domesticated animal raised for meat
pigeon: a bird which lives all over the world
platypus: an animal with webbed feet which lays eggs and gives milk to its young
polar bear: an animal with white fur which lives in the Arctic
porcupine: a rodent with quills on its back
puffin: a seabird with a large beak
puma: a large cat found in North and South America
rabbit: an animal with long ears and strong legs
raccoon: a North American mammal with a masked face and striped tail
rat: a rodent with sharp teeth, furry body, and long tail
rattlesnake: a poisonous snake found in North and South America
ray: a fish with flat fins
reindeer: a deer which lives on the tundra
rhinoceros: a large animal with armored skin and a sharp horn
salmon: a large sea fish which migrates to rivers to breed
scorpion: an animal with eight legs, two claws, and a stinging tail
manatee: a mammal that lives in the sea and eats water plants
seahorse: a fish covered by bony armor
seal: a mammal that catches prey underwater but comes to the surface to eat it
shark: a predator that lives in the ocean
sheep: a domesticated animal raised for wool
shellfish: water creatures whose bodies are protected by hard shells
skunk: a mammal that is known for the odor is releases as a defense
sloth: a mammal that lives in the rain forests of South America
slug: a creature with a muscular body
snail: a creature with a muscular body and a hard shell
sparrow: a small bird
spider: an eight-legged creature that can make silk
squirrel: a tree-dwelling mammal with a bushy tail
starfish: an ocean animal that has five legs
swan: a large water bird with webbed feet
swallow: a bird that can fly at high speeds
swordfish: a fish with a long upper jaw
tarantula: a large hairy spider
tiger: a striped cat that lives in Africa
toucan: a tropical bird with a large colorful beak
turtle: a reptile that lives in the water and has a hard shell
tortoise: a reptile that lives on the land and has a hard shell
vulture: a large scavenging bird
walrus: a sea mammal with long tusks
weasel: a small hunting animal with a long body and short legs
whale: a giant sea mammal that breathes through a blowhole
wolf: a wild howling dog with sharp fangs
worm: a soft-bodied animal with no backbone
yak: a large shaggy animal that lives in Tibet
zebra: a black and white striped grazing animal

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