Dr. Densberger's Weekly Message-November 22, 2019

Submitted to All Campuses on Friday, November 22, 2019

Holy Cross Academy - St. John Paul II

Bulletin for the Weeks of November 24 - December 7, 2019

Christmas Toy Drive: The toy drive ends the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, December 3. Toys should be new; no soccer balls. Gifts should not be wrapped. Our goal at HCA-JP2 is an average of one gift per student. If we get at least 60% of our goal (51 toys), we will celebrate with a pajama day, including a Christmas movie and hot chocolate in the afternoon. Thus far, we have 21 toys brought in. As always, thanks in advance for your continued generosity.

The Mass during the first week of December is on Thursday morning, December 5. It is being planned by the kindergartners and their fifth grade buddies. Please feel free to join us for Mass. Mass begins at 8:00 am.

Reminder: We are still collecting Christmas items for the students to purchase at Santa's Workshop on Monday, December 9. Items can be dropped off at the office or be given directly to Mrs. Karen Stolarski.

We will be having a prayer service on every Monday morning in Advent, starting on December 2. We will be making a living Advent wreath during theses prayer services, so please have your child follow the dress code below and wear the colored shirt or t-shirt for their grade with their uniform bottoms.

K - 4th grade should wear green shirts or t-shirts.

5th grade: Alaina, Anabelle, Isabella, Ellen and Sophie should wear pink. Kyle, Jasmine, Owen, Danovan, Sam, Colin, Nate, Ella, Josh, Ella, Emma, Ryan and Carter should wear purple.

Teachers will wear red shirts.

If you haven't already done so, you can pre-order December lunches until midnight on Friday, November 22. uts

Congratulations to these students who got "Shout Outs" this week: Lucas Armentrout (K), Annabelle Belosi (K), Joe Daniels (K), Connor Kaelin (K), Emily Lian (K), Mason McClendon (K), Yana Mistry (K), Gus Noland (K), Caroline Schloss (K), Maxine Stavron (K), Blake Twillman (K), Jackson Zorumski (K), Nina Westerheide (2nd), Peyton Gassel (3rd), Addie Heidenreich (3rd), Kyle Bargette (5th), Jasmine Bequette (5th), Owen Carr (5th), Danovan Destin (5th), Sophie Eckert (5th), Ellen Hopfinger (5th), Sam Kellmeyer (5th), Colin McNamee (5th), Nate Meyers (5th), Ella Mijatovic (5th), Josh Mueller (5th), Ella Pfeiffer (5th), Emma Schuck (5th), Ryan Sitner (5th), Carter Sullivan (5th), Annabelle Tomiser (5th), and Alaina Twillmann (5th). A special “Shout Out” goes to our fifth graders who are doing an excellent job being “buddies” and models to the kindergartners. Photo below.

Elf on the Shelf: I've heard that there is some concern among parents about the "Elf on the Shelf" activity that we are doing each school day from November 25 until our last school day before Christmas, December 20. We are telling the students that our elf is really a "fake elf "and this activity is just for fun, different than the "Elf on the Shelf" tradition that some of you might do at home. Our elf is not magical, so he can be touched. He is not watching for "good or bad behavior" and he doesn't report to Santa. The elf is hidden at a different location at JP2 every school day. The student who finds our elf gets to reach in and pick out a present from the elf's bag.

HCA Kris Kringle: The holiday season will soon be here and now is a great time to join the Holy Cross Academy Kris Kringle gift exchange. During each week of Advent, you will secretly deliver a gift to your Kris Kringle Family, four gifts total. You and your children will enjoy coming up with a creative gift for the family you have been given, delivering the gifts, ringing the doorbell and running for cover. Weekly, you will also receive a gift left to surprise you and your loved ones. For more information and to sign-up, please follow this link: HCPA KRIS KRINGLE 2019 .

Have a great week!


November 27-December 1: No School (Thanksgiving)

December 1: HCPA Kris Kringle begins

December 5: Spirit Day

December 9: Santa's Workshop at JP2

December 19: Advent Program (Preschool - 5th)

December 20: Christmas Parties (Preschool dismissal at 11:45; K-5th dismissal at noon)

December 21- January 5: Christmas Break

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