Mrs. Folk's Weekly Message-August 23, 2019

Submitted to All Campuses on Friday, August 23, 2019

Dear Holy Cross Academy Families,

Happy Friday!!!!

We have made it through our first full week of school. We are all working on getting back into the school routines; homework, getting to bed earlier, practices, and even the early alarm in the morning. Don’t forget to ask your children what they learned this week and what they are doing in class. If you are excited about what they are doing in school, then they will be excited about school.

Nurse Rita has been reviewing the Yellow Health Forms/immunizations/physicals this week. The Archdiocese requires new students, students entering Kindergarten and 3rd grade to have a current updated physical and immunizations turned into the school office at the beginning of the school year. A letter and the physical form were given to parents in May. If you haven’t already turned yours in please send to the office on Monday.

The updated Parent/Student handbook is on the website. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Over the summer, a new fire/carbon monoxide system was added to our campus. The system is directly tied to the Shrewsbury Fire Department. Additional safety systems are included in the system. An updated Emergency Handbook incorporates the new system in the procedures. Information will be sent via schoolmessenger on Emergency procedures that affects parents soon.

The new roof is complete on the main school building. Many thanks to Fr. Grosch and the St. Michael’s Parish for all of their support on the improvements to our HCA campus.

Back to School Night was a huge success!!! I hope you were able to meet with your child’s teacher and learn the expectations for the school year. Students are served best when parents and teachers collaborate and work together as a team to support the needs of the child.

I truly want to thank the parents for taking the time to attend the Back to School Night. If you were not able to make it, the teachers have sent their packet of information in the Friday folder.

Also if you weren’t able to attend the Back to School Night, please look for a letter in your child’s Friday folder from our new school counselor, Megan Ambrose, introducing you to the services of St. Louis Counseling. If you are interested in your child signing up for her services, please sign and send back paperwork as soon as possible to the school office.

The office has received the list of students who attend aftercare from K-5 and the potential days the students will attend. The teachers will send your child to aftercare unless the office or teacher receives an email by 2:00pm or a phone call to the office before 2:45pm so we can make the changes needed. Just communicate your needs for your child. Some of the students tell the teacher in the morning if changes are made, which is fine. If your child is not picked up by 3:05pm or after all the cars released, then the teacher will take your child to aftercare. I have talked with Jessica Banks, Aftercare Coordinator, to verify you will not be charged for aftercare services until 3:08pm if you are running late. The safety of your child is our number one priority.

Last but not least, please send a snack for your child because it is a long time between breakfast and lunch. We all need that morning pick me up.

I feel blessed to be part of this community.

God Bless!

Mrs. Karen Folk


Holy Cross Academy-St. Michael the Archangel Campus

On Saturday, November 16th, 2019, we will celebrate the Holy Cross Academy Legacy Gala and Auction. Proceeds are used to invest in the future of Holy Cross Academy by enhancing the learning environment and giving our students the best resources available in the ever-changing world of modern education.

We are asking our HCA community to come together in support of the 2019 Auction. There are so many ways in which you can help and all of us here at HCA have something special to give. We offer tax-deductible sponsorship opportunities and we are always looking for donated items for our Live and Silent Auction. Please feel free to email


TODAY: August 23: 5th Grade Leads Mass/Baptism Birthdays


If you haven’t done so already please pre order you September lunches by the 23rd.

What is Coming Up:

August 27: BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT for MIDDLE SCHOOL @ ANN at 6:30 p.m.

August 30: 4th Grade Leads Mass

August 30: STUCO Elections for 5th Grade

September 2: NO SCHOOL - LABOR DAY

September 4: Benediction at 2:30pm in SMA Church

September 5: Spirit Day (Dress Down with Spirit Wear)

September 6: 3rd Grade Leads Mass/4th Grade Receiving Bibles from Knights of Columbus/Baptism Birthdays

September 9: NCADA Classes on Kindness for Grades K-5

September 10: High School Night at Ursuline Academy for HCA

September 11: HCPA Meeting at 6:30pm at JP2 for DOT Day

September 12: Preschool Coffee with Preschool Director at SMA at 7:30am

September 13: All Academy Mass @ SHF - drop off @ SHF with Noon Dismissal from SHF for grades K-5. Preschool has noon dismissal but will be dropped off at their home campus and picked up from their home campus.

September 16 - 20: ITBS Testing week for 1st - 8th grades all campuses

September 16: NCADA Classes on Kindness for Grades K-5

September 19: Confirmation Meeting at SHF at 6:30pm

September 20: Teachers Lead Mass

September 23: NCADA Classes on Kindness for Grades K-5

September 23 - 30: Safe Touch Presentations in Classrooms

September 24: HCA STUCO Commissioning Mass at ANN Church 8:00am

September 27: 2nd Grade Leads Mass

September 30: NCADA Classes on Kindness for Grades K-5

October 1: Feast of the Guardian Angels Mass for SMA

October 2: Picture Day

October 3: Spirit Day (Dress Down Day with Spirit Wear)

October 4: Octoberfest at SMA

October 9: SMA K & Preschool Morning with Mom from 7:30-9:00am in Gym


Now is a good time to make sure you have all you need for school uniforms. Please check the updated HCA Parent/Student Handbook or the HCA website for detailed information about school uniforms. Click the following link to take you there directly. We will start to enforce the complete uniform starting next week. Please make sure your child has the complete uniform, even socks.

If you have any questions or if your family needs help purchasing uniforms, please contact me at


Please complete and turn in your paperwork from the “welcome packet” to your school office. Nurse Rita needs your medical information. The office will begin calling parents next week if we have not received paperwork or updated records. We must have all updated information by August 30th.