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HCA Update-January 24, 2020

Submitted to All Campuses on Sunday, January 26, 2020

Dear Parents,

I want to thank all of you who came last night to Preview Night to hear how we continue to work and make progress towards realizing our new structure for Holy Cross Academy – building, as one faith community for our five parishes, an exceptional educational and faith formation program with Jesus Christ at the center while preparing our students to live a Catholic life for Christ in an ever-changing world. Despite the crazy timing of the snow falling, a large number of you came and just dealt with sloppy and somewhat slippery parking lot and sidewalks. I appreciated the help that was voluntarily given by a number of you in putting down salt and shoveling some of the walkways and just the general patience you all showed with the circumstances as they were. I hope that all of you in attendance found the evening to be beneficial in gaining more information and knowledge about the overall educational and faith formation offerings of our Academy, as well as what you can expect for next year and the future.

Last night, those of you who came to Preview Night, in addition to the various presentations that were given by a combination of administrators, faculty members, parents, and pastors, you received a one-page information sheet at each of our four presentations on the—Early Childhood Education Campus program, Primary Campus program, Intermediate Campus program, and Student Life & Logistics. These one page information sheets will be included in the folder that your child will bring home today for you, in addition to the information for registration, tuition, and fees for next year, as well as the information on transportation and on the seven committees which would greatly benefit from having parental input into shaping our academy towards its successful future together.

Last night when the evening began we started in the church where I offered a brief prayer and a few words of reflection, followed then by Mrs. Dolan, the middle school principal, and I laying out the format for the evening. During that part of the evening when everyone was together, I also shared the tuition totals for 2020/21. I explained that we decided to waive the $150 per child instructional fee for the 20/21 school year and that the registration fee will increase to $100, an increase of $25, due to the upgrade from a2z to FACTS.

So for comparison purposes, below is what this year’s total for tuition and fees were and what next year’s total for tuition and fees will be --

One child K-8 total = $5,400 tuition, $75 registration fee, $150 instructional fee = $5,625
Two children K-8 total = $7,995 tuition, 75 registration fee, $300 ($150 x 2) instructional fee = $8,370

One child K-8 total = $5,650 tuition, $100 registration fee, no instructional fee = $5,750
Two children K-8 total = $8,350 tuition, $100 registration fee, no instructional fee = $8,450

During the evening various questions were asked at the four presentations. One question that I thought would be helpful for me to answer and to maybe clarify for you now is in regards to our policy that grades 3-5 can have up to 30 students per class. While this is our policy, HCA has never had a class of 30 children for those grades and we do not anticipate having any classes of that size for next year. Nonetheless, it will be prudent for us to ensure that class size will never compromise the quality educational experience that we will continue to provide at Holy Cross Academy.

Please know that Registration will open on February 3rd for our families using our new FACTS system. We will be sending you information next week on how you will be able to access the FACTS system.

This Sunday as we kick-off Catholic Schools Week, many of your children will be serving in the different liturgical roles at the weekend Masses of our parishes. I know all of us Pastors are looking forward to and assume you are as well. As a reminder, Open House at all of our Campuses will run from 10am-1pm. I hope you and your children will enjoy visiting the Campuses of where your children will be next year.

I hope you each have a good weekend and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to your principals or those of us your pastors.

-Father Mike Esswein