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End of Year Letter - 2019

Submitted to All Campuses on Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May 2019

Dear Holy Cross Families:

As we end the 2018-19 school year, I am impressed daily by the quality of teaching and learning that I see every time I walk through the corridors at all four campuses. The support of HCA by pastors and parents is evident in so many ways, both large and small. The leadership of our four principals and the care and concern of our faculty and staff for the well being of individual students are undeniable.

I remain optimistic about the future of Holy Cross Academy. The key characteristics that were so evident in the beginning of Holy Cross continue today. Collaboration, although at times cumbersome, remains a hallmark of HCA. A spirit of innovation and constant improvement continues to define the decisions that we make. We understand and appreciate the value and challenges of being a community of faith. Practically, enrollment is healthy and we are financially stable; the bottom line is that the unique structure of Holy Cross is working for our parishes and families. I am especially thankful for the HCA parents and parishioners who contributed to our fundraisers throughout the year, especially those who donated to our annual appeal by participating in the Parents as Partners program.

The future of Holy Cross is not without challenges. Our vision is to be a school that is “indelibly Catholic and academically extraordinary,” while being financially sustainable and accessible to the families in our five parishes. We continue to work on strategic goals, and our Board of Directors, under the leadership of Board Chair, Katie Medeiros, has set in place a committee structure and plan for insuring that we accomplish these goals.

As we end the 2018-19 school year, we wish our 2019 eighth grade graduates the best of luck as they begin their high school careers. We will miss the members of our faculty who are not returning to HCA in the fall, and we are also happy to welcome some excellent new staff members to Holy Cross. I have been very impressed with the quality of teachers who have applied to join the HCA faculty. Please find a listing of faculty assignments for the new school year at the end of this letter. We will be interviewing candidates for the remaining open positions in coming weeks, and we will announce new additions to our faculty as they are selected.

Personally, I look forward to my new role at Holy Cross as the Lead Principal and Principal at the St. John Paul II campus. I anticipate moving to JP2 in early June.

We hope that you and your families will have a restful and enjoyable summer break! We look forward to welcoming you back in August.

Greg Densberger


2019-20 Faculty List

Holy Cross Academy - Our Lady of Providence

Principal: Mrs. Katie Koberlein

Kindergarten: Mrs. Barbara Fields

First Grade: Mrs. Amy Zehnle

Second Grade: Ms. Katie Rankin

Third Grade: Ms. Alex Mueller

Fourth Grade: new hire

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Annmarie Hamill

Teaching Aides: Mrs. Connie Howe, Mrs. Shannon Schulte, and Mrs. Amy Bartoni

Learning Consultant: Mrs. Lynn Queensen and Mrs. Michelle Pelizzaro

Secretary: Mrs. Coleta Schwartz

Holy Cross Academy - St. John Paul II

Principal: Dr. Greg Densberger

Kindergarten: Mrs. Theresa Mills

First Grade: Ms. Teri Fehrenbach

Second Grade: Ms. Maddie McArthur

Third Grade: Ms. Erin Koelling

Fourth Grade: Ms. Meredith Amelotti

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Katie Simpson

Teacher Aides: Mrs. Kelly Preiss and Mrs. Mary Belgeri

Learning Consultant: Mrs. Layne Cramer

Secretary: Mrs. Katie Stein

Holy Cross Academy - St. Michael the Archangel

Principal: Mrs. Karen Folk

Kindergarten: Mrs. Paula Hackbarth

First Grade: new hire

Second Grade: Mrs. Maggie Fitzgerald

Third Grade: Mrs. Paula Kiley

Fourth Grade: Ms. McKinley Robbins

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Mesha Scheipeter

Teaching Aides: Ms. Jeanne Fletcher and Mrs. Kathy Gilmartin

Learning Consultant: Mrs. Kate Simino and Mrs. Michelle Pelizzaro

Secretary: Mrs. Denise Bahlinger

Holy Cross Academy - Annunciation

Principal: Mrs. Janet Dolan

Dean of Students: Mrs. Chris Cheak

Sixth Grade: Ms. Heather Sasser, Ms. Megan Ferrara

Seventh Grade: Ms. Katie Bourne, Ms. Maureen Tavernaro

Eighth Grade: Ms. Emily Wray, Mr. Ed Ewing, Ms. Anita Kern

Science:  Mrs. Cyndi Hasten 

Learning Consultants: Mrs. Adele Chehval and Mrs. Anne Nolan

Middle School Aides: Mrs. Judy Cernich and Mrs. Barb Roddy

Secretary: Mrs. Theresa Berra

Specialty Teachers

Music: Mrs. Anna Marie Ogunmola and Mrs. Eryn Krobath

Technology: Mrs. Amy Puckett

Physical Ed: Mrs. Shannon Smyka and Mr. Colton Belitz

Art: Mrs. Jessica Harris and Mr. Greg Sullentrup

Spanish: Mrs. Denise Mills and Ms. Heather Sasser

After School Program Director: Mrs. Jessica Banks

Band: Mrs. Anna Marie Ogunmola

Technology Coordinator (all campuses): Mr. Eugene Pierce

Preschool at Holy Cross Academy - Our Lady of Providence

Director: Mrs. Angie Langhauser

2 year olds: New hires

3 year olds: Mrs. Donna Catanzaro, new hire

4 year olds/PreK: Ms. Lisa Duggan, Mrs. Anne Kaufmann, Mrs. Barb Hock

PreK: Mrs. Amanda Storey, Mrs. Melissa Buttice

Preschool at Holy Cross Academy - St. John Paul II

Director: Mrs. Angie Langhauser

2 year olds: Mrs. Lisa Wright, Mrs. Cheryl Vogler, Mrs. Tracy Lanz

3 year olds: new hires

4 year old/PreK: Mrs. Kristin Freund, Mrs. Angela White

PreK: Mrs. Jill Armentrout, Mrs. Sarah Tiburzi

Preschool at Holy Cross Academy - St. Michael the Archangel

Director: Mrs. Angie Langhauser

2 year olds: Mrs. Amy Cain, Mrs. Karen Gentry, Ms. Justine Pipitone

3 year olds: Mrs. Kathy Alexander, Ms. Alexis Valentine

4 year olds: Mrs. Erin Grate, Mrs. Diana Harmon.

PreK: Mrs. Linda Wingbermuehle, Mrs. Cathy Geraghty

PreK: Gym: new hire