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Parish Soccer & Volleyball Registration

Submitted to All Campuses on Monday, May 13, 2019

Parish Soccer & Volleyball Registration is now Open!

Parish Soccer Contacts

SMA Parish:
Dan Kellogg danmegan@sbcglobal.net & http://ezrosters.com/stl-stmike

K - 8 grade
(Pre-K play at OLP)

OLP Parish:
Tom Schmitt schmittkt@sbcglobal.net & https://ezrosters.com/stl-olprov/

SHF parishioners sign up with OLP
Prek - 8th grade

JP2 Parish:
Rick Bakersmith kingwd52@swbell.net & http://ezrosters.com/stl-sds

Pre-K - 9th grade

ANN Parish:
Joe Stevision stevijoe@gmail.com & goannunciation.com/athletic-registration

K - 8
(Pre-K play at OLP)

Parish Volleyball Contacts
Boys and Girls
3rd - 8th grade

Debbye Luetkemeyer deborah.luetkemeyer@ssmhealth.com & goannunciation.com/athletic-registration

Marcia Paynter paynter3489@sbcglobal.net & http://ezrosters.com/stl-stmike

OLP + SHF Volleyball:
Laurie Altobella altobella@att.net & https://ezrosters.com/stl-olprov/

Pam Wiegand wieg4160@charter.net & http://ezrosters.com/stl-sds

Registration for Soccer and Volleyball will close on May 31st.
If you have questions regarding registration, please contact your parish rep listed above. Please note that each sport is run by each of the individual parishes and not the school.