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Mrs. Dolan's Weekly Message-February 1, 2019

Submitted to All Campuses on Friday, February 01, 2019

Dear Holy Cross Families, February 1, 2019

Catholic Schools Week was a busy week with multiple activities. We started the week with Open House. I would like to thank the volunteer parents and our Student Ambassadors for leading the ANN tours. We had a good showing with several families planning to join HCA.

I know everyone enjoyed the unscheduled SNOW DAY, but we also had a student-faculty volleyball game (teachers won), dress out days, DEAR time, extra recess, and a Wacky Wednesday. The students and teachers joined in the fun. Look for our activities on Facebook.

Two weeks ago our Character Education Day focused on “gratitude”. One of the things we are all grateful for is the different communities in which we live and participate. We have our family, our church, our towns, and the city of St. Louis. Community and Social Justice are two of our Core Values at Holy Cross. This year our students have participated in several service projects with the intention of helping those in the St. Louis community that are less fortunate. In conjunction with the Toy Drive, the middle school students contributed money to purchase specific gifts for 75 adolescent children through St. Vincent de Paul Parish. They also collected some toys, but we have found that helping students their own age helps make the project more meaningful. The students also collected 190 coats, socks, and numerous can goods.

Today our eighth grade students receive their high school acceptance letters. Through our faith we know the Holy Spirit will guide them to the school where they belong. Our students have applied to 16 different high schools including the public school districts.

A Note From Mrs. Smyka and Mr. Belitz:

This semester some 6th and 7th grade students are participating in an elective called Recreational Games. We are asking if anyone has some of the following equipment at home that we can borrow. The equipment will be returned as soon as the students are finished using it.

Washers Set

Corn Hole

Can Jam

Croquet Set

Also please click to the following link for information on the Annunciation American Heart Challenge: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0?ui=2&ik=dce89daadf&attid=0.1&permmsgid=msg-f:1624296044612909985&th=168aa8a58d397ba1&view=att&disp=inline

The fifth grade students from our elementary campuses will begin shadowing next week. This is a fun time for our present sixth grade students as they now get to be the hosts.

Today and Tomorrow Scholarships

All families are invited to apply online for scholarships from the Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation. There are scholarships available for low and middle income families. The application period began January 28 at 8:00am, and some scholarships are first come, first served, so if you have not already done so, please apply right away! Go to ttef-stl.org to apply. Families who have applied in previous years should reuse the same login information. The deadline for families renewing a scholarship is February 28. More information is available at http://www.ttef-stl.org/info-for-parents/. Please let us know if you need help navigating the website and getting the application filled out. We would be happy to help!

Next Week:

Monday: Middle School Information Night 6:30 pm in ANN café

Tuesday: Mass, OLP shadows

Thursday: Spirit wear day

Friday: Dress out day for DOT cards from our Snow Day

I hope you received thank you donuts if you were in the morning car pool. As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week, we know you have a choice. Thank you for sending your children to Holy Cross Academy!

Janet Dolan


Holy Cross Academy – Annunciation Campus