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Flex-metal™ Additional Weight Kit

Weight Kit: $30.00

Long Vest, Short Vest

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  • Each kit contains 10 individual, ½-lb. weights
  • Can be used to add weight to Cool Vest™ garments (short or long)
  • Weights flex and move with you when you exercise
  • Weights are super flexible, thin and flat
  • Flexible shell allows the weight to slide easily into stretch pocket

The Flex-metal™ Additional Weight Kit is designed for users of the Cool Vest™ products (short or long vests) to add more weight to the garment during exercise. The kit contains 10 of the ½-lb., patented Flex-metal™ weight inserts, which fit into the stretch pockets of the Cool Vest™ garments. These pockets have been designed to securely hold one or two weights at a time.

These unique weights flex and move with you as you exercise. They are soft, super flexible, thin and flat. All edges are fully rounded, so there are no sharp or hard corners or bulges. Each individual weight has a fabric shell to allow it to slide into the weight pocket of the Cool Vest™.

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