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Beans and Other Legumes

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How fiber-rich foods protect against breast cancer

Breast cancer-  two words that strike fear in every woman.  The good news is women can help lessen their risk.  One important defense is to consume a hi... Read More

The Healthiest, Anti-Cancer Foods: G-BOMBS

”G-BOMBS” is an acronym that you can use to remember the best anti-cancer, health-promoting foods on the planet. These are the foods that you should eat ev... Read More

The real story on lectins

Unfortunately, nutritional misinformation abounds and the consumption of health fortifying nutrient-rich plant foods in our society is dangerously low. In fact, the Ce... Read More

Don’t Fall for the Myths About Soy

Contrary to the negative soy information floating about in today’s technological world, the scientific consensus shows soy is essentially beneficial.  Actua... Read More

Do cruciferous vegetables or soybeans harm the thyroid?

Is there a murky side to super health foods such as kale, broccoli or any cruciferous vegetable if you have thyroid function issues? And what about soy foods? Is ... Read More

Clinical study confirms that beans are the preferred starch source for diabetics

Beans as the major starch source in the diabetic’s diet have the potential to make a huge positive impact on their long-term health. Beans are nutritionally supe... Read More

G-BOMBS: Mighty Fighters Against Breast Cancer

Every woman can personally fight against breast cancer. Women must know they are not defenseless in the war to end breast cancer. Scientific studies show there are pow... Read More

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